About | Vision & Mission
Mission :
The new education policy has focused the attention of all those who are engaged in grooming of the new generation on four vital points :

Nalanda aims at the overall enfoldment and gentle blossoming of the children at Physical, intellectual and spiritual level of their personality.

The most important area of focus includes education in citizenship, civic consciousness fostering pride in being Indian and broader National concerns such as unity in diversity.

We also aim at creating dedicated and committed citizen who take real pride in serving Nation and also sensitive and committed on universal issues.

With the advent of globalization, our future citizens must be able to think globally and feel as a responsible citizen of the world.

Vision :
"The vision of Nalanda Residential School is to provide complete educational requirements for future citizen blended with rich Indian Heritage ,human values ,ultra modern technologies and capacities to establish complete harmony in the given Environment. Nalanda believes that “children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit."