Infrastructure and Facilities| Hostel & Boarding Details
Hostel :

Air Conditioned Hostel for Boys & Girls.
NSRS hostel NSRS hostel

Parental Care :
For Boarding students the warden is the effective guardian caring for each small group of 10 students. S/he regularly inspects the bedrooms and studies, and checks on the student's diet, personal hygiene, skin and hair care, the availability of toiletries and the condition of clothes. S/he liaises closely with the academic staff to monitor the quality of students' prep and other academic work. Most important of all, the wardens carry a major responsibility for the happiness and integration of students and for keeping in close touch with the parents by email/letters or other means. Every student is cared for by a warden /tutor whose first concern is to get to know him or her as an individual whose talents and interests can be stimulated and developed. Each student's social and academic progress is carefully monitored and reported to parents.

Mentors :
There are full time Rector and Wardens to cater fully to the needs of the students at all levels and at all times.