Admissions | Fee Structure
  • Registration fee and Admission Fee shall be charged only at the time of admission.

  • If by mistake the counter clerk forgets to retain the original copy of particular month’s fee, it will be parents sole duty and responsibility to deposit it with counter clerk so that your child’s fee could be entered in the school record.

  • Boarding and Mess Expenses if not deposited on time, an interest of 10% p.a. shall be charged upto one month, thereafter, he/she shall be sent back and fresh admission fee can be charged or admission can be cancelled permanently.

Class Registration Fee Admission Fee Total Fee Pocket Money
1ST TO 5TH10005000950003000-5000
6TH TO 8TH100055001000003000-5000
9TH TO 10TH100060001250003000-5000
11TH TO 12TH10007000 1450003000-5000

For Day Scholars :
Class Registration Fee Admission Fee Two Months Fee Amount To Be given at the time of Admission Monthly Charges Excluding Bus
N/S TO K.G.10005000254085401145
1ST TO 2ND10005000273087301240
3RD TO 5TH10005000295089501350
6TH TO 8TH 10005500341099101580

* and Bus Fee as applicable