Academics | Curriculum and Examinations
  • School follows the syllabus in strict accordance of C.B.S.E. ,New Delhi.
  • New C.C.E. Pattern of C.B.S.E. is strictly followed from class I to class X.
  • All the Amendments/Additions in Examination Bye Laws of the board are strictly followed.
  • The whole session is divided into two terms.The duration of Term- I is from April to September & the duration of Term-II is from October to March.
  • Each term consists of variety of tasks in different subjects like pen paper test,debates,group discussions,seminars,practicals,oral examinations,speeches etc.The best two or three performances of student out of different tasks is considered to allot marks in Formatives.At the end of each Term one Summative examination is held which consists of pen paper test of the syllabus of that particular Term.
  • The promotion of student to next class is strictly based on the weightage allotted by C.B.S.E. to Formatives & Summatives.The promotion policy of the board to promote a student in one or two subjects of Scholastic areas on the basis of grades/points obtainted in Co-Scholastic areas is strictly followed.
  • The qualifying marks in each subject of Summative examination shall be 33% upto Secondary/Senior School Certificate Examinations. However at Senior School Certificate Examination,in a subject involving practical work, a candidate must obtain 33% marks in the theory and 33% marks in the practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate, in order to qualify in that subject.