Admissions | Code of Conduct
  • At all school functions & on class days, children must wear the prescribed uniforms. Children must come to school neat and tidy.

  • Children will have to be punctual to time. If late or absent on a particular day must bring a letter of explanation from their parents.

  • Students are strictly forbidden to bring objectionable material to school for example mobile, camera etc.

  • Students are required to take part in various Co-curricular and extra curricular activities
  • Children on their way to school or while going home must depot themselves in a responsible manner as children form Nalanda.

  • Children must obey the monitor; maintain discipline in the class in the absence of teacher.
Dismissal of a child would be justified for:
  • Disobedience
  • Habitual Idleness
  • Irregular attendance
  • Habitual fee defaulters
  • Irregularity in home work
  • Poor academic performance
  • Quarrelsome behavior of students and parents.
  • Medically unfit /suffering from contagious diseases.
  • Being not able to adjust with required standards of school environment.